SoGEA (Single order Generic Ethernet Access)

Apptel’s new BT Wholesale fibre broadband service that eliminates the needfor an actual phone line. 

Future-proof your connectivity:  Get ahead of the game and prepare for Openreach’s 2025 PSTN withdrawal*

Single Line: SoGEA eliminates the need for a phone line – less chance of issues and lower cost.

Cost Effective: Eliminates the need for a separate broadband line and phone line, meaning you see savings on rental costs.

Quicker problem resolving: As the line and broadband are no longer separate, its only one line to investigate, enabling us to find, diagnose and resolve issues with greater speed and ease.

Simpler Order Process:  Quicker connection as it’s a ‘Single Order’ Journey with less downtime.

*   The 2025 PSTN network withdrawal:   Openreach have announced that they will close the PSTN network by the end of 2025.  This means that all services that run on a landline will no longer work, including broadband, landline calls and any services that run over the phone line such as alarms and payment terminals.  Customers will need to migrate to internet voice services such as VoIP, single line Broadband and other IP solutions.

SOGEA is only available where FTTC currently is, however, new cabinets are coming online everyday.

It’s simpler, quicker and cheaper with SoGEA.