Apptel Wholesale Line Rental (WLR)

Service Level Agreement


This Service Level Agreement (SLA) covers the support and repair times provided with Apptel WLR Line Rental.

Fault repairs are delivered by Openreach, part of BT Group.

Faults with your phone line should be reported to Apptel by email to or by calling our main number 01985 620133, or directly through to your account manager or main contact.

Once a fault is reported we will ask a number of basic questions, which will help diagnosis and speed up repair and avoid call out charges should there be No Fault Found (NFF).

If you phone line isn’t working please check and test the following:

  • Is the phone line working through a phone system?
    • If so does the system have power?
    • Is there a separate socket NOT through the system?
    • Are the lines Analogue or ISDN?
      • If ISDN what are the status of the lamps on the grey ISDN2e/ISDN30e NTE
    • If the phone is a stand alone line (phone/fax/alarm etc)?
    • If so please connect a normal basic phone and check if there is dial tone.
    • Are there any other sockets connected to the line?
    • Please remove all equipment from the socket apart from a normal phone.

We will carry out a Line Test within half an hour and log any fault with our suppliers. If at this stage there appears to be no fault on the line we will contact you and ask you to test the line again. This Line Test is not always accurate and does not pick up all faults.

Please be as clear as possible on what the fault is when reporting it to us. The key point is checking whether there is dial tone on the line or not.

Repair Times for WLR Lines

Business phone lines always come with a Service Level, which specifies the time within which the fault will be repaired.

Line rental Service Level 1: Close of play next working day +1, Mon – Fri (i.e. report fault lunchtime Monday, fix by 5.00pm Wednesday)

Line rental Service Level 2: Clear by end of next working day Mon – Sat (i.e. report fault lunchtime Monday, fix by 5.00pm Tuesday)

Line rental Service Level 2+: Clear by end of next working day Mon – Sat

Line rental Service Level 3: Clear by end of next half working day Mon – Sun (i.e. report fault 11:00am Monday, fix by 5:00pm Monday)

Line rental Service Level 4: 6-hour repair, 24 hours a day 365 days per year

Please note that if an Openreach engineer attends site & there is no fault found with the Openreach line a charge of £125.00 + VAT will be raised.

SLA  v2.1 01.04.18