Inbound Phone Numbers from AppTel – contact us now to see how we can help your customers contact you more easily

Spread your reach – give yourself a national or local presence with an 03 or 08 number from AppTel

Network level intelligence – call queuing and routing, call recording and many more features to help you deliver a better service

Inbound phone numbers can be useful to all businesses, whether you want a number with national reach such as 0330 or 0800 numbers or whether you want a specific dialling code we can deliver whatever number you want. All numbers come with a low monthly rental – generally the better the number (more memorable) the higher the fixed charges. You then pay a cost per minute to forward the calls to your existing office number, this is very low for 03 numbers and a bit higher for 0800 freephone numbers. We aso provide 087 and 084 numbers – these should not be used for customer support as they generate a rebate to you. We would not generally recommend these as the customer charges have increased dramatically over the last few years.

Helping your business grow with Inbound numbers: it’s not just about having a nationwide number, the network has built-in intelligence, allowing you to forward calls to different number, record calls in the cloud, change the routing depending on the time of day, use a voicemail message, build in call queuing. With the ability to make changes quickly and easily Inbound services have a wide variety of uses. Call AppTel to discuss what they can add to your business.