Fibre Ethernet Leased Lines from AppTel – contact us about installing simply the best UK Internet connection

A dedicated fibre leased line with uncontended Internet access – from 10Mb – 1Gb and beyond

Fibre Ethernet Leased Lines available from multiple access providers – giving you the most competitive rates

Leased Lines are dedicated Internet access circuits for your exclusive use – delivered over a dedicated fibre optic cable directly into your premises these circuits deliver the fastest, most stable Internet circuits available today. A totally different experience from ‘Fibre’ Broadband (delivered over a copper pair into you premises), a Fibre Ethernet Leased Line circuits doesn’t just deliver faster Internet speed options but also more stable, consistent and reliable Internet. A repair time of 5 hours from logging the fault onto the Openreach system 24 hours a day, 7 days a week gives you the reassurance that your business will be back on line in the event of a failure. SLAs on packet loss, delay and latency all combine to make this the ideal circuit to use for voice, video and data.

Fibre Ethernet Leased Lines also form the core of a multi-site network, linking your sites and homeworkers as part of an MPLS network or SD WAN. With Internet breakout, monitoring, and usage statistics Apptel will deliver a rock-solid private WAN.

Using AppTel Leased Lines for our VoIP services – SIP Trunks and Cloud Phone Systems means that your voice calls remain ‘on-net’ and don’t need to cross the open Internet. This means that we can guarantee call quality and throughput. With options for separate VLANs for voice and data we have the right solution for your voice and data requirements. Call us now on 01985 620133 / 020 3972 0066