EFM and GEA Ethernet Leased Lines from AppTel – genuine Ethernet Leased Lines over copper

Low cost copper leased line with uncontended Internet access – from 5Mb – 35Mb

All the benefits of dedicated Leased Lines at a lower price point

As with Fibre Ethernet Leased Lines, copper based EFM and GEA are dedicated Internet access circuits for your exclusive use – but delivered over copper, either from the cabinet (GEA) or from the exhcange (EFM). They are both genuine Leased Lines, with the same SLAs on packet loss, jitter and delay. There is a slightly longer repair time at 7 hours, but this is in a different league to the broadband fix time of 40 hours. The key advantage is lower cost as Openreach do not need to deliver fibre to your door. While speeds are not as fast as Fibre Ethernet you maintain the same quality. With the price is between 2 and 4 times Fibre Broadband, you are paying for the quality, guaranteed throughput and uncontended Internet access, which makes these circuits ideal for delivering Voice, Video and Data over a shared circuit. Also great for any applications in the Cloud which need a stable and guaranteed Internet service.

GEA Leased Line Circuits (Generic Ethernet Access) are also known as EoFTTC (Ethernet over FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet)) and work off a single copper pair to you nearest telecoms cabinet, the copper is dedicated to the GEA circuit and cannot carry a phone line as well – unlike Fibre Broadband. A single copper pair can always be vulnerable, but the short distance makes faults less likely and repair easier and faster. Delivering the same quality SLAs as Fibre Ethernet, GEA is a great lower cost option where you need the highest quality Internet access. Costing from around £150.00 for 20Mb up and down dedicated Internet access GEA Ethernet Leased Lines are excellent value for money.

EFM Leased Lines (Ethernet First Mile) are again dedicated, uncontended Ethernet Leased Lines delivered over copper. EFM Leased Lines are delivered over multiple copper pairs from the exchange, available as 2 – 8 pair circuits, this builds in resilience. Further resilience is added as each pair is connected to a different EFM box in the exchange on a round robin basis, so if a pair fails, or one of the DSLAMs fails the rest of the service will continue. Pricing and the speed of the ciruit depends on distance from the exchange and how many pairs are required to support a the required bandidth. A lower ocst option than Fibre Ethernet, pricing is between £180.00 – £300.00 + depending on location. Call us now on 01985 620133 / 020 3972 0066 to discuss all your Ethernet requirements.