AppTel SIM Free mobile – simple business mobile with a 30 day contract

Three options to suit all users

Bring Your Own Device SIM Free service

SIM Free mobile – you provide the hardware, we provide the connection and SIM card and business grade support. Our mobile contracts are simple, easy to understand and leave you in control. A 30 day contract, low monthly rental, three clear standard tariff options, a full range of bolt-ons and great traveller/roaming options. Combined with our call barring and usage notification options Apptel SIM Free mobile simplifies your business mobile contracts and will reduce your overall costs. Combine with our Cloud Telephony App to reduce your costs further – call us on 020 3972 0066 or 01985 620133

Light user: suitable for low use mobile users 500 minutes and texts and 500MB data – please note you cannot add bolt ons so this really is for occasional users only, but at a low price point – call us for more details.

Business User: normal business use, unlimited voice and texts and 3GB data, all with a low rental, roaming options and the ability to add simple or shared data bundles.

High User: designed for the higher data user, with unlimited voice and texts and 10GB data. Again with options for additional bolt ons and roaming services. At a great value monthly rental charge, still on a 30 day contract. Call us for more info on all our tariffs on 020-3972 0066 or 01985 620133